Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Waste Free Rubbish!

What we learnt from the rubbish trip team!

Today we had 2 very environmentally friendly visitors who shared with us their story of how they are waste-free! That means they generate NO rubbish! None at all! Zero-waste! We learnt A LOT from them! Below are some of our ideas. You can check out our individual blogs later in the week for some more of our learning.

Amelia: 6R’s
Dominique: That you can make stuff like marmite instead of buying it.
Alzarah: You can make stuff at home instead of buying it.
Maile: 6R’s
Jahrey: 6R’s - recycle
Abdulwahaid: At the rubbish dump there is a big hole in the ground that we put rubbish in.
Asomua: You can make what you usually have in your normal life. You don’t have to buy stuff, you can make stuff, like your own glue, toothpaste.
Mehran: Compost your food waste.
Carson: 6R’s - reuse, rot
Francesca: 6R’s, how to make glue - you can make your own glue from flour, sugar, vinegar, water
AbdAlrahman - 6R’s refuse, replace, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot
Achsah: 6R’s reduce, reuse, it’s in our Going Green song
Arcadia: We can make our own stuff at home like your own toothpaste and marmite.
Aadil: 6R’s - refuse - say no to packaging
Emeliano: 6R’s - replace - replace a plastic bag with a cotton bag won’t rip and you can reuse instead.
Astera: When you finish your chip packet it is rubbish.
Mariam Y3: When you’ve finished your food scraps find a compost bin so the worms can break down your food.
Mariam Y4: What you can put in your recycling bin is: bottles made from plastic & glass
Drona: You can use a wooden toothbrush to brush your teeth and then put it in the compost.
Von’Zy: We can recycle paper and cardboard
Kahealani: Gladwrap is not good to use because it can end up in birds’ stomachs.
Tuku’afu: 6R’s reuse - you could use a cotton bag for your sandwiches
Andrew: When you throw your rubbish in the bin or the landfill it can still end up in the sea and kill animals.
Moosa: Don’t use a plastic bag because it can rip easily. Use a cotton bag instead.
Isaiah: Reuse means to reuse stuff that you’ve already used, like a pickle jar and you can reuse it for putting coins in.

Let's set a challenge for the week!
Anyone who can bring a rubbish-free lunch this week can have 5 sunshines!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Week 6 & 7 Learners of the Week

It has been CRAZY busy in Room 13 for the last few weeks celebrating 2 language weeks, having hip hop dance lessons as well as preparing and presenting our speeches! (Keep an eye out for more about these events - hopefully there will be a blog post coming soon!)

Let's celebrate our Week 6 Learner of the Week which was Aadil!

Aadil tries super hard ALL THE TIME to be an ideal student. It is so great to have someone who values their learning, as well as respecting the rights of others.Keep up the fabulous work Aadil!

In Week 7, we had 2 Learners of the Week!

Our first learner of the week was Emeliano. He has made some REALLY good progress with his mathematics this year and is becoming more confident when sharing his mathematical thinking with his peers. Ka pai Emeliano!

Our second learner of the week was Aadil (again!!) We have had some new students arrive in our class recently, and Aadil has proven himself to be extremely reliable and helpful with supporting these students. Fantastic job Aadil! 

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Learner of the Week x2!

On Friday we celebrated another 2 successful learners! Well done to Andrew & Achsah!

Achsah received her certificate for showing enthusiasm towards her learning, and Andrew received his certificate for persevering with his speech brainstorming! 


Keep up the awesome work!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Wet Day Breaks!

When its a wet day we have to stay inside the classroom for our morning tea and lunch. Sometimes we get a little crazy and forget what games or activities are appropriate. To combat this problem we have collaborated as a class to create...


Miss Percy has given us some feedback about our slides, but we would love to hear from you. 

What games or activities do you play in your class when its raining? 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Learner of the Week!

Week 4's Learner of the Week was awarded to Carson!

Congratulations Carson! You totally deserve this week's certificate for the amount of effort and perseverance that you have put into your writing. 

Tino pai!